Simple macOS Today Widget for posting to

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  1. Download the latest file. (Notarized)
  2. Unzip the file and drag the file to your Applications folder.
  3. Open the file. You can then quit the app.
  4. Open the Notification Center sidebar.
  5. Scroll to the botton and press Edit, then add the TodayPoster widget.
  6. TodayPoster should show up in your list of widgets.


  1. Simply write some text and press the “Post To” button (There is also a Command + Enter keyboard shortcut to publish the post).
  2. The first time you try to post, the app will bring up a dialog to save an app token (this will be securely stored in your keychain) that is required for posting to This app-specific token must be generated at > Account > Edit Apps.
  3. Press the settings button if you need to edit the app token later.
  4. Going over 280 characters will show an optional title text field if you want to add a title to your post.
  5. There is also a setting to post to a custom Micropub URL on the settings page.